The Screen Reinvented

Straws, a screen that physically sculpts itself into any form and colour.

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Responsive + Interactive

Made of 3D pixels, or straws, which move in and out of its surface. Straws can also sense and instantly respond to its environment. For example, Straws can recognise and take the physical form of people standing in front of it.


Full Colour Display

Each 3D pixel, or straw, is wrapped in a colour LED that can display a full gamut of vivid colour. Therefore Straws can display any content including animation or live video and bring it to life with physical, 3D sculptural forms.


Gestural Controls

Straws also features intelligent motion and gestural control software that learns and responds to a wide variety of gestures. Users can pull and pinch with their hands, sculpting the surface.


Audio Reactive

Straws can also listen and react to sound. It can form colourful three-dimensional structures that visualise music – a sculptural audio reactive surface.

Mobile Control

Straws can also connect with mobile devices. Media such as music, images and video can be streamed from mobile devices directly to Straws. Custom apps could enable participants to draw on their mobile device and see their creations come to life on Straws.

Anything Else?

We believe there are endless applications. We’d love to hear what you’d like to see on Straws! Here’s some of the ideas we’ve pondered:

Architecture – A Straws display in a lobby or public space could allow the walls to sculpt themselves in response to people and the enviornment.

Gaming – Straws can be programmed like any other display, bringing a game, whether Tetris or a full 3D experience, into the real physical world.

Advertising – The never-seen-before spectacle of the Straws experience can engage audiences in a variety of settings, think digital billboards and more.


Are you interested in Straws?
If so we’d love to hear from you, send us an email or pick up the phone using the details a the bottom of the page.

Here’s some a few of the things we’re interested in:

  • Collaborations with Brands and Agencies
  • Collaborations with Artists and Developers
  • Reseller partnerships across the globe
  • Licensing the technology
  • External investment
  • Building our team to include more amazing people

Seeper is a collective of people that craft technology into many things, including art, advertising, education and live events.
Founded 15yrs ago and based in London we’re expanding across the globe.

Our mission is to amaze and create a sense of awe and wonder, through:

— Interactive installations
— Advertising + PR stunts
— Live events
— Mobile apps
— Educational tools
— Products of our own

We want people to smile, let go and believe that anything is possible.
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Straws began development in 2009 when Seeper Founder Evan Grant was inspired by a series of artists who were using drinking straws to create terraformed white sculptures. Imagining a full colour moving wall that you can push or pull at to create form the project began.

Early tests proved the basic principles before Seeper self funded prototype 1:

Prototype 1 worked with a few teething problems. Here’s the first time we turned it on:

Next we needed money to create a wall, the desire to keep the invention secret until we could build a wall.
We applied and successful gained Proof of Market and Proof of Prototype funding from the Technology Strategy Board.

Working with our in house creative and technical teams we continue to develop the Straws software and hardware. Get in touch to find out the latest…

We hope you can see the vast potential for the technology itself and its many applications.
Please get in touch so we can share our plans for the future!